Saturday, 21 December 2013

Shoe lifts I wear to make me taller

I wear height increasing insoles. Before you laugh at me hear me out as height increasing insoles are not as daft as they sound you know (no really!). I have always been smaller than I want to be but no more do I have to put up with small height and no more teasing as well. People have always teased me because i am below average in height and it has always been really unfair however now I just dont have to worry about these morons teasing me because a pair of shoe lifts which discreetly placed in the soles of your shoes means I can be just as tall as they are (3 more inches) and these morons are non the wiser HA. I didn't like the idea of wearing elevator shoes because they were just really far to obvious that they were elevator shoes because of the really tall heels on them but shoe lifts aren't like that at all there really impossible to tell and dont give any visible signs you are using something to make you look taller quite nifty really and so cheap to buy, now Im not gonna bang on about were you can buy them because it quite easy to find a place that does if you search on google for something like heel lifts or height increasing insoles you will find plenty of places which sell them but I will just add that above all other things that I have tried shoe lifts have been by far the best option for me that I have tried... I wouldn't have ever found out about them if it wasn't thanks to superoito.

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  1. Many people pick the one-size-fits-all kind of shoe inserts but in case you have narrow feet, then you need to have them specifically made for you. height insoles